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Bradenton Seawall Repair

Seawall Repair

Bradenton Seawall Repair | Priority Marine

Seawall repair in Bradenton is becoming increasingly necessary. These hard vertical structures are often built to protect private properties and other developments along the many waterways in the area. As this region becomes ever more popular for individuals and families to relocate to, even more barriers are placed along the coastal land for protection from the dynamic forces created by water. As people and business focus on these new projects, the older developed areas can be ignored. However, these barriers should not be mistaken as permanent safety nets that protect our property indefinitely. Just as the naturally dynamic effects of waves and tides destroy land and erode coasts, they also take their toll on any structure made to stop them. Eventually barriers will need to be inspected and have any weakness reinforced or, in some cases, completely replace the entire structure.

Why is seawall repair so important?

Waves, while often a relaxing and beautiful form of natural energy, are always a destructive force to varying degrees. Even slow small waves gradually redistribute soils from the shore out to the sea. As they increase in frequency and size, waves become even more destructive and can even exert enough force to tear down seemingly solid structures. Without something to break waves and redirect the energy, property and building are in constant danger. Of course these vertical barriers provide that protection but that leaves them directly in the path of these forces. This means that over time, they too will succumb to these destructive forces and weaken which necessitates seawall repair in Bradenton. If seawalls are not inspected and repaired then businesses and family homes are in great danger if something were to create waves that exploit weaknesses in any barrier.

In Florida, we know that waves can be kicked up at a moment’s notice. Tampa Bay is well known for fast moving storms that form in the gulf and punish our coasts. Even storms that never make it inland have profound effects on wave intensity in the bay and related estuaries. Compound this with occasional hurricanes and you can see how important seawall repair in Bradenton can be. New York felt the impacts of improper coast protection with hurricane Sandy last year. Hurricane Sandy created an enormous amount of damage because of water that was not held back. The event was such a wakeup call that New York is even considering a massive deflecting barrier to protect the entire city. There are better odds that this level of destruction can happen in Florida during our hurricane season than New York. Keeping water back during these disasters means prompt inspection and solutions to maintain the integrity of this protection.

We can handle all types of seawall repair

There is more than one type of barrier to redirect or absorb wave energy along coasts. They could be completely vertical most often used to protect private property. Curved seawalls can be large structures that slowly redirect all the energy and minimize the erosion at the toe of a wall that vertical structures present. Some barriers are mounded loose material that is meant to break wave in low energy environments. Each varying type can be composed of different materials used to construct them. Reinforced concrete has been the most used construction material in the past. Priority Marine can provide solutions to fixing weaknesses of any type of protective barrier. If seawall repair in Bradenton is not enough and complete replacement or new construction is needed, we trust CMI Shoreguard sheet piling because it is tested and approved by U.S. Army Corps of engineers. This bulkhead material is a composite specifically designed to withstand high energy forces along with the corrosive chemical composition of seawater.

Why you should trust Priority Marine for seawall repair in Bradenton

Priority Marine has over thirty years of experience in maritime construction, but more importantly – in customer service. We know what it takes to satisfy clients. Not only do we specialize in superior building techniques but we also listen to what our customers’ needs are. Priority Marine is a member of Florida Marine Contractor’s Association which is a non-profit organization that unites contractors and other related industries to share knowledge and uphold standards in the field. Our dedication to quality service has earned Priority marine an Angie’s List super service award. We currently have an A rating with the better business bureau as well as being nominated for and winning various awards related to various marine structure constructions that we offer. We can handle piers, decks, boathouses, lifts and so much more in addition to our seawall repair in Bradenton. Give us a call to find out how we can help you at (727) 447-1373.

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