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Should you Build a Seawall or just do a seawall repair? — The purpose of a seawall is to act as a barrier between a body of water and land, protecting the areas often used for leisure activities. There are many different kinds of seawalls that can be constructed; each meant to withstand the varying forces that nature will impede upon them. One of their main purposes is to minimize land erosion, and when considering which type of seawall to build, many factors are taken into consideration—such as climate, location, wave pressure, and more. If you are a resident of the Tampa Bay, St Pete, Clearwater or Ellenton area and looking for a marine contractor, call Priority Marine today (727) 447-1373.

If you are someone who has chosen to build a seawall, or are simply looking into seawall repair, you have made a smart choice because following through with either project will add both value and protection to your home. Seawalls contain soil and prevent it from eroding into the water, which is especially likely to happen with salt water areas. At Priority Marine, we use CMI Shoreguard sheet pilings, which are tested and approved by the U.S. Army Corps. We are confident in the materials we use and the specialties and skills of our staff members who perform these jobs. The seawalls we build are low maintenance and long lasting, so you won’t have to worry reconstruction for a very long time. Looking to build a seawall or seawall repair in Ellenton a Tampa Bay, St Pete or Clearwater?

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With time, wear and tear is inevitable, and if you want to maintain the durability and purpose of your present seawall, seawall repair is inevitable. Whether you are looking to repair or build from scratch, it is important you hire Florida marine contractors that are licensed and experienced, especially because there is so much that needs to be taken into consideration when constructing a seawall.

It is necessary to make sure the people you trust to build a seawall for your home are marine contractors that understand every aspect and angle of seawall construction so they can choose what is best for your specific situation. The main factors include: wind and tide, the shoreline, and varying water levels. It is also important that the type of seawall built is one that is a perfect match for your specific location and circumstances.

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in Tampa Bay, St Pete, Ellenton or Clearwater?Call us today! (727) 447-1373.

There are a variety of different materials that can be used when building a seawall—concrete, boulders, steel, gabions, vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass. In addition to this, there are three main types of seawalls: a vertical Seawall (most easily constructed and primarily deflects wave energy back towards the water), a curved seawall (which prevents waves from spilling over the wall onto land) and a mound seawall (composed mainly of concrete rock and boulders).

Priority Marine is a proud member of Florida Marine Contractors Association and we are also Genuine Trex Certified. We are confident in our ability to help our clients with any marine construction jobs, especially those that deal with boat lifts, deck construction, and seawalls. We always take our customer’s budget into consideration and provide them with high quality service at an affordable price. The services we offer will not only be aesthetically appealing, but also convenient and useful as well.

At Priority Marine, we also offer other services such as custom boat lifts and deck construction. To If you want to build a seawall or are looking for seawall repair in the Ellenton, Tampa Bay, St Pete or Clearwater areas of Florida.

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