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Seawall Construction | St. Petersburg

Seawall Construction
St. Petersburg

Seawall Construction | St. Petersburg | Priority Marine

Considering seawall construction for your backyard is helpful for protecting you, your family, and your property. In addition to general protection, it will also add value to your home if you ever consider selling it. Salt water is well known for the corrosion it causes and the heavy storms St. Petersburg undergoes during the summer months only multiplies the risks that come with natural deterioration.

Priority Marine offers excellence in any of your marine construction needs around Tampa Bay areas like St. Petersburg. We always build our structures with the best materials possible. Taking example from the U.S. Army Corps, we decided to use patented CMI Shoreguard sheet piling, the only solution tested and verified. Requiring low maintenance and featuring a particularly long lifespan, our seawalls are environmentally-friendly, as well as resistant to severe weather conditions. For added durability and protection, our sheet piling system is interlocking and made from advanced composites that come in a wide variety of styles to provide you with a unique and customized seawall construction.

How to Prepare for Seawall Construction

Our professionals at Priority Marine understand that every home in St. Petersburg has different needs, so we take the time to consider winds, tides, and other factors that may pose a threat to your new structure before presenting you a construction plan. Before beginning a project, it is always a good idea to learn about these structures and what to take into consideration when building, such as:

  • Shoreline access: Building a seawall should never hinder your ability to access the shoreline easily.
  • Water movement: As you are getting ready to build, it is crucial to study and understand the water movement around you. The waves and the current will be key elements in determining which type of seawall construction your property requires.
  • Water levels: Along with water movement, you should become familiar with the changes in water levels. With this information, at Priority Marine, we can find the best option for you.
  • House situation: The elevation and slope of your home and property will be important factors to understand the composition of your soil and its natural capacity to resist erosion.
  • Use: Once your seawall construction is completed, how you will use your new structure? Do you want to store a boat? Do you want easy access to the water? We will make sure to find a design that meets your requirements.
  • Appearance: If you are concerned with the appearance of your new seawall in St. Petersburg, we will happily let you take a look at our design book so you can pick one that appeals to you most.
  • Price range: Your budget is our budget. Our designers can take on any project while considering budget to give you exactly what you need.

After finishing a seawall construction project, we can still help you protect and repair your new amenity. While it is meant to protect your property, there is no barrier guarding your wall against the harm caused by natural forces. Waves you can’t control will always be a threat. Therefore, we will always be available to you in St. Petersburg in case you need any repair work done.

Choose Priority Marine for Professional Marine Construction Services in St. Petersburg

If you are considering other additions to your property, we also offer boat docks, lifts, and decks to complement homes.

Our experience in seawall construction stretches over more than three decades. The focus of our company has always been on quality work and excellent customer service. At Priority Marine, we combine personal experience and a love for boating to give you the best in maritime construction. If you would like more information about building possibilities in St. Petersburg, feel free to contact us at (727) 447-1373. In addition, you can take a look at our gallery to get a glimpse at what we can do.

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