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Seawall Construction Ellenton | Priority Marine
Protecting your property with seawall construction in Ellenton is one of the best ways preserve the value of your seaside home. Don’t stand by and watch erosion wash away your investment bit by bit. Priority Marine has solutions for every type of waterfront estate.

In business for over 30 years, Priority Marine provides personalized service based on:

  • Your property’s layout, elevation and slope
  • Highest and lowest water levels
  • Your intended use
  • Your budget

Every seawall construction in Ellenton is subject to the corrosive effects of seawater, the sun and occasionally harsh weather. Priority Marine engineers protective walls using CMI Shoreguard sheet piling. Shoreguard is the top-of-the-line vinyl sheet piling, tested and proven by the Army Corps of Engineers and real-world usage for over 25 years.

Seawall construction in Ellenton used to be accomplished with steel, concrete or treated wood; materials that are all subject to corrosion or degradation by seawater and sun. Chemically treated wood can leach harmful compounds into the water. Wood pilings can also be consumed by marine life.

We use polymer sheet piling that is time-tested and proven to withstand corrosion, the sun’s UV rays, and the worst Gulf Coast weather.  It’s also an environmentally friendly choice because it is manufactured with up to 90% recycled material.

We offer a selection of 32 different varieties of interlocking vinyl pilings, so we can promise you a beautiful seawall construction in Ellenton that suits your needs exactly. With your shoreline secured, you can enjoy your property knowing that it will stand up to natural forces for years to come.

Tampa Bay, Ellenton, and the entire Gulf coast is a beautiful place to live and play. Recreation on and around the water draws many of us to the shore. Living on the Gulf or the Bay, a durable seawall construction is the best way to secure your shoreline for the safe anchoring of boat docks, boat lifts and recreational decks.

At Priority Marine, we are boaters too. We’ve fished and floated and sailed the entire coast. We are familiar with the wind, the water and the tides in every bay and estuary. Our local experience makes us the top choice for seawall repair and seawall construction in Ellenton.

The entire team at Priority Marine is dedicated to quality craftsmanship and outstanding service at all times. You can rely on our 30 years of experience for all of your waterfront projects. We are proud members of the Florida Marine Contractors Association. Please check us out on Angie’s List.

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