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Seawall Contractor St Pete, Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Ellenton – A new sea wall in Pinellas County, Tampa Bay, can not only add to the value of your home, it also protects it. A sea wall’s function is to contain soil and prevent it from eroding into the water. It is faced with some of the harshest conditions, especially in the Tampa Bay area. Salt water can be extremely corrosive as well as the violent storms that are exclusive to the southeast region. Today’s seawalls must be built in order to accommodate and withstand such conditions in the Tampa Bay area.

Best Tampa Bay Sea Walls

We use patented CMI Shoreguard sheet piling in the construction of our sea walls. It is the only bulkhead and sea wall solution tested and verified by the U.S. Army Corps of engineers. It has been manufactured with the proper chemical makeup to withstand severe climates, corrosive pH levels and Ultra Violet Rays. Our Shoreguard sea walls offer low maintenance, long lasting, high performance and environmentally friendly. The key to our sheet piling system is that it is completely interlocking. This provides unparalleled durability, erosion protection and color consistency. The sheet pilings we use are made from advanced plastics, alloys, and composites and come in 32 different varieties. The proven history of the products we use ensure that you are getting the best available products on the market.

Wind, surf and tides are just a few of the major factors that can take their tolls on sea walls, resulting in the erosion of your land. Because various physical characteristics differ from every waterfront property, we take all factors into consideration. When you are in the process of selecting the appropriate sea wall for your property, you should consider the following unique factors:

Easily accessible shoreline – You want your shoreline to be as accessible as possible, and a new sea wall should not place your shoreline off limits.

Amount of wave action or currents at your shoreline – Harsh waves can consistently batter your shoreline. Depending on the severity of these waves, the right type of sea wall construction can be determined.

Varying water levels – Water levels can range from flood levels to low pools in the Tampa Bay area. Understanding the varying water levels can help provide us with the necessary information to prevent erosion.

Elevation and slope of your property in proportion to the shoreline – Because every waterfront property has a different elevation and slope, its soil composition is in turn different. This means that the soil is either more prone to erosion or less prone. We evaluate all aspects of your soil composition to best approach your properties’ unique features.

Intended use of your shoreline after the construction of your sea wall – We understand that every customer has different intentions on how they are going to use their sea wall in the Tampa Bay area. After consulting with you, our design reflects the most appropriate specifications based on your specific requirements.

Appearance – Some customers are primarily concerned with aesthetics while others are concerned with other features. We have a full design book available so that you can pick out exactly what is most appealing to you. If our designs do not suit your requests, then we can customize any design for you.

Your budget – This may be the most important factor. Our experts can work around almost any budget to give you exactly what you desire. Big or small, we have a design in mind for you.

We not only build sea walls from the ground up, we also redesign and resurface current seawalls in the Tampa Bay area. If you are wondering about the integrity of your current sea wall, give us a call and we will be glad to evaluate it.

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