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We do Marine Construction – Dock and Boat Lifts Tampa Bay, Clearwater and St Petersburg. Priority Marine offers nothing but the best when it comes to your Tampa Bay marine construction needs. We have been in the business for over 30 years and we pride ourselves on providing the best quality and service, through our unparalleled experience. The gallery of work we have done exemplifies our constant pursuit of perfection in every job we undertake.

We are able to confidently stand behind our work because of the superior craftsmanship put into it. Our high quality of work has lead us to work with Clearwater Fire & Rescue, which we installed boat lifts for them. We would like to simplify our business philosophy into a single sentence but that would fail to encompass all of the values we convey. Quality, perfection and the experience to vouch for it is what drives Priority Marine to be the best in the Tampa Bay marine construction industry.

Guess What? We are Boaters Too!

Marine Construction Experts | Priority Marine

Here at Priority Marine, we have not only been in business for over 30 years, we have also been avid boaters for just as long. We believe that it takes the personal experience, as well as the professional experience, to have the best understanding of the industry. We have travelled through every estuary, fished every channel, trolled every flat and charted every bay. We know exactly where we are working and what it takes to boat in such areas. Our humanistic approach to our work allows consumers to enjoy the things that they love the most. Fishing, sailing and any kind of water sport are just a few of the popular activities that the Tampa Bay area has to offer. The possibilities are endless when it comes to water recreation, and you should be entitled to enjoy them all to the fullest extent.

We Like to Get Involved

We are able to obtain such information because we actively participate in dock and marine expos across the state of Florida. Chances are that if you have been to one of these expos before, then you have probably seen one of our displays. It is at these expos where we are able to talk with the most knowledgeable individuals and company representatives. We use this valuable information, as well as the information obtained from our own research, to make the best consumer-driven business decisions.

At Priority Marine we are constantly striving to improve our Tampa Bay marine construction business. The pride we feel from our work belies on the notion that we are industry leaders. We guarantee satisfaction in everything we do because we are confident that our work exceeds customer expectations.

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