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Custom Boat Lifts Installations | Priority Marine
Custom Boat Lift Installation Tampa Bay, Ellenton, Clearwater, St Pete – At Priority Marine our boat lifts provide you with the safety and peace of mind that you deserve in the Tampa Bay area. We offer skilled craftsmanship with the utmost standard of satisfaction in mind to give you exactly what you desire. We pride ourselves in offering first class follow up support for parts, accessories and periodic maintenance. We are proud of the high level of craftsmanship we perform and it shows in our work. Chances are you have probably seen some of our work in the Tampa Bay area.

Why boat lifts are beneficial in the Tampa Bay area:

Puts more money back in your pocket

Increase your boats’ resale value up to 15%-20% by dry storing it on a lift. It saves the need for frequent antifouling, painting or cleaning the hull and saves on maintenance costs. If the bottom of your boat is clean, it can significantly increase fuel economy, range and performance. Boat lifts only represent a minor percentage of your boating costs and turn out to pay for themselves. The improved security a boat lift can provide may help in insurance premiums. They also add value to the price of your home, which saves you money in the long run.

Boat more, scrub less

Although your boat is painted, that alone is not enough to keep your boat bottom clean. Boat Lifts keep your boat out of the water and protected from barnacles and marine growth. Withstanding the corrosive marine environment is especially important in the Tampa Bay area. Keeping the bottom of your boat clean is important in increasing its longevity. The addition of a canopy can also help increase longevity by keeping the top of your boat clean.

Prevents damage

Drive and hull damage are commonly caused by wet storage. Hull blisters can be significantly reduced with a boat lift. Wet storage also damages shafts, props and outdrives. By storing your boat on a lift, you can drastically decrease costly wear and tear. Boat lifts may protect your boat during storms as well.

Ease of use

Boat lifts allow you to launch your boat in a matter of seconds. This allows you to use your boat more frequently and enjoy it more while doing so. All of our lifts are the quietest and most dependable in the industry. In addition to the previously stated benefits, our lifts operate with trouble free performance. Because our lifts undergo thorough quality control inspections, you get the best product available.

What are No Profile Boat Lifts?

The No Profile Boat Lifts we offer are extremely reliable and an award winning concept. They never allow your boat to be unlevel at any time. You do not have to forfeit the ease of access to your boat with these lifts. Some of its features include the incorporation of twin power supplies with horizontally mounted twin hydraulic rams, Hide-A-Way hull guides, remote control that is water resistant, bunk system that is full length and easily adjustable and powder-coated aluminum CHU covers and control box pedestal.

If you are not concerned with having a no profile look to your lift then we also offer Hi-Tide Boat Lifts. The four different lifts available are vertical, elevator, personal watercraft and specialty. Vertical lifts include the platinum, titan, hi-speed and select series. Elevator lifts include the platinum, hi-speed and select series. Personal watercraft includes enclosed belt drives, aluminum bunks and painted motors. Specialty includes the trident series, PWC lifts, hydraulic lifts and boat house lifts.

Both lifts we offer can accommodate any kind of boat, whether it is a sailboat, pontoon, catamaran, power boat, fishing boat, yacht, personal watercraft or any other type of watercraft. We install and sell both lifts. They can also be easily mounted to any seawall or dockside piling in the Tampa Bay area. Our dealers as well as ourselves are licensed and insured with the Statewide Florida Contractors License. We will determine the most suitable location for your boat lift depending on the type of boat you own, the characteristics of the nearby waterway and your budget.

We excel at providing our customers with exactly what they want in the Tampa Bay area. We look forward to creating you an unparalleled boat lift that is right for your needs.

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