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Saltwater Boat Docks

Saltwater Boat Docks
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Saltwater Boat Docks
Priority Marine Saltwater Boat Docks in St Pete, Ellenton and Clearwater are designed and built to provide a safe haven for any watercraft. Whether you need a sturdy structure to park your personal watercraft, large fishing boat, large cruiser or even an entire marina, we can provide quality platforms that will last for years to come. A proper dock is dependent on the type of watercraft as well the type of water itself and its fluctuation. We understand each environment and know which solutions work best. Living in Florida, the most popular and also the most demanding water access in the Tampa Bay area is the gulf. The gulf waters provide a unique experience but also pose unique threats upon any structures built and placed in them.

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Wear and tear from saltwater and marine life can damage a dock. Salt in its many forms present within the gulf waters increases the corrosive effects of water and eats away at nearly any material. It is important to use materials resistant to corrosion when constructing salt water boat docks in St Pete, Ellenton and Clearwater. At Priority Marine we use woods that are proven to stand the test of time in this particularly damaging situation. We use the strongest pressure treated lumber in the industry called Southern Pine Lumber. This lumber is treated to withstand the corrosive elements present in the gulf.

The pressure treating of Southern Pine Lumber offers another benefit for protection. It provides strength. With the region’s stormy seasons, you need wood that can withstand the punishing force presented when the waves are churned up. In Florida we also have the additional threat of hurricanes. A bad storm can destroy saltwater boat docks, putting your vessel in harm’s way. With the naturally low-know characteristics of Southern Pine lumber and the pressure treating, you can be assured our docks will remain in any weather to best protect your watercraft.

We can also provide tough woods that have the aesthetics you may be after. Many of our customers want to keep a real tropical feel and style to their property. Since we understand that even good looking wood must perform, we offer a Brazilian walnut hardwood called lpe. Ipe has more strength and density than oak, teak, and cedar. It is rated to last 25 years or more by U.S. Forest Products Labs. Most of all, it provides an unmatched tropical beauty to provide aesthetics as well as performance for saltwater boat docks in St Pete, Ellenton and Clearwater.

The type of wood used is only part of the equation when building quality structures on gulf waters. To keep your structures connected and protecting your vessels, we have perfected construction techniques like use of all stainless steel screws on all decking, 5/8″ hot-dipped galvanized bolts on all structural members, sills which are double bolted, 2×10′s and joists which are 2×8′s, 16″ on center and doubled on exterior bands. We use these construction features to make sure that our saltwater boat docks in St Pete, Ellenton and Clearwater continue to do their job and keep looking good while doing it. Our combination of strong woods and solid construction practices gives you peace of mind.

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You can rely on Priority Marine to do the job to your satisfaction. We have been serving the maritime needs of individuals and businesses in the area for over thirty years! We have come to be a top rated company dedicated to its clients. We know what sells our services are making you happy as the following testimonial states:

“After seeing Keith and Priority Marine complete several projects in my area I contracted with them to complete my Dock and Lift. I can strongly recommend them as honest and reliable contractors. You would have to look long and hard to find anyone better for design permitting and constructing of your project.”

This is the reaction we are striving for with every contract. As an active member of the Florida marine Contractor’s Association, our reputation is on the line with the saltwater boat docks we build for everyone.

Priority marine offers a wide range of maritime services. We can install lifts, build decks or construct seawalls in addition to our dependable saltwater boat docks St Pete, Ellenton and Clearwater. Give us a call today at (727) 447-1373.

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