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Wood Decking

Wood Decking
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Wood Decking | Priority Marine
Wood decking in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Pete and Ellenton, Florida is available through Priority Marine. Our experts know just how to choose the right wood that would suit your docking needs. Are you looking for a deck to store your boat? We know just the right type. Are you looking for a nice dock to use as an outdoor eating area? We know the perfect wood to set the ambiance. Are you looking for a safe platform to rest on after a nice swim? We know just the type that will not give you splinters. However you choose to use your wood deck, we know just the right type to accommodate your needs.

While wood decking is the most appealing kind of product for a waterfront backyard, it can also prove to be quite high maintenance. If it is not treated properly it can rot and decay which makes it unsafe to be on. Fortunately, Priority Marine knows that you need to properly stain and treat wood products in order for them to sustain through tough conditions. We will inform you of the products that can restore and brighten your beautiful new dock upon installation.

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Aside from the minor maintenance that comes with wood decking, the appearance is like none other. There is no substitution for this material that is as beautiful as the real thing. The authentic material holds a timeless look that just cannot be duplicated. Whether you are inquiring after a boat dock, outdoor eating area or simple swimming platform it will add quality to your already gorgeous backyard. You will love the way it adds personality to your luxurious property.

Another appealing quality about this material is the many different types that you can choose from. Priority Marine’s selection features rot resistant and durable material that is able to sustain harsh conditions. We will make sure to give you the best material for your wood decking needs. If you are looking to entertain guests in your backyard, you may want to go with a darker colored wood that creates a homey atmosphere. If you are planning on housing your boat on the dock you may want to choose the kind of material that is durable to sustain the force of your boat nudging the beams. Finally, if your choice is a simple swimming platform you are going to want something that will not rot in water. Whichever you decide, we can accommodate you according to your needs.

Priority Marine makes it a priority to build you a product that fits your wood decking dreams. If you decide that you would like to add lighting on, around or beneath your dock we can install those for you. If you would like to provide shade for your boat we can build a canopy from your dock. We understand the amount of care you take to keeping your boat in tip top shape and we want to make sure that you can maintain the quality of it while it rests at your home. We take pride in fulfilling your vision and protecting your investments.

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For over 30 years we have strived at making sure that our wood decking products are unique and durable. We work to build you something that you can be proud of having in your backyard that is beautiful and safe for you every day needs. If you live in Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St. Pete and Ellenton, Florida give Priority Marine a call at (727) 447-1373. You will not regret picking up the phone.

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