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Ellenton Deck Construction
Building a deck is an amazing way to enjoy your backyard and deck construction in Ellenton will allow you to expand your living space. A cramped house feels less so when you have a place to eat breakfast while enjoying the great outdoors, or a place to entertain guests in a party atmosphere. Offering easy installation and reliable construction, Priority Marine can build a deck for your house, according to your design. Using the best material with the best service, and years of experience, Priority Marine takes pride in their construction. Every stage of the construction is shared with you, for approval.

A deck is a patio, usually built with wood floors on a concrete foundation, sometimes raised on poles, sometimes on the ground, with a fence or without. It is a versatile space, ready to be furnished however you want, for whatever use you need. From providing party space to offering easy access to your waterfront and easy loading into your docked boat, a deck is a good investment for any homeowner.

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As summer approaches, the time for parties arrives as well. A deck offers a wide open space where your guests can enjoy themselves and also watch the kids playing on the grass. A patio is also very easy to clean when the party ends. A deck offers a nice jumping place for your children to enjoy the waterfront, as well as an increased space for loading your boating supplies.

A deck offers increased home value as well as instant curb appeal for when you decide to sell your home. The initial investment of a deck construction in Ellenton pays itself off when it’s time to sell your house. People shopping for homes prefer homes with decks, because they increase the livable and enjoyable space and provide infinite possibilities for enjoyment. A deck is an instant attention grabber, and buyers can see the value of the easy waterfront access that a deck provides.

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There are more decking materials available now, so you don’t have to settle on a simple wood frame. You can use stone flooring, or tile with complex patterns laid down. You can add a fireplace to your deck. There are also different constructing techniques, from steel screws to or fancy fasteners and corner pieces. On the internet there are many designs, so no matter what use you need a deck for, there’s a plan for that. Talking to a contractor is a must. A contractor can help you out with the technicalities and difficulties present with deck construction in Ellenton, such as city council building codes and finding the correct weather resistant materials.

If you always dreamed of having an extra space to enjoy, then you should really consider adding a deck to your house. Building an outdoor space is much cheaper than building an additional room, and unlike room additions and room remodels, a deck’s cost can be recouped at sale nearly dollar for dollar.

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There are so many things you can do with a deck, from creating a party space, to a breakfasting area. Hot tubs and pools can be attached. Planters and support trellises can be incorporated for those homeowners with green thumbs.

For those homes on uneven or small lots, a multi-level patio can provide multiple areas for enjoyment. Each level can be dedicated to a separate activity, so it’s like adding multiple rooms to your home. Your yard can become so much more functional no matter its size or condition. Call Priority Marine for more information. We also offer custom dock building, seawall repair, boat docks, and much more. (727) 447-1373.

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