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Decking Materials Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Pete, Ellenton – Many people believe that they only have two options when it comes to choosing a deck material, those options being wood and composite decking. There is in fact an alternative to these types of decking that may be more suitable for your specific decking requirements in Tampa Bay. Cellular PVC is a relatively new type of decking material that has been gaining popularity. Simply stating the different decking options does not provide customers with substantial information to make a well informed decision. A breakdown of wood, composite and cellular PVC will allow you to fully understand the benefits that each type of decking material has. Although these types of decking materials have some benefits in common, many Tampa Bay customers prefer one over the other for a variety of particular reasons.

Wood Decking Materials
  • Requires Some Mantenance If wood decking is not properly maintained then it is susceptible to decay, mildew and insect damage. Woods needs to be stained and treated with a preservative so you can avoid any damage by severe weather or any other source. Wood can be restored though by using products such as deck cleaners, restorers and brighteners.
  • No Substitution for the Real Thing One huge advantage that wood has over other types of decking is that you can’t imitate the look and feel of wood. The grain pattern and beauty of wood is very hard to duplicate, although many companies have tried.
  • Many Options to Choose From With all of the different types of wood available, it would be hard for them all to be exactly similar. Be careful when choosing a wood decking type because not all of them are weather and rot resistant. Some types of wood are naturally stronger and more resistant to the elements, which is why choosing a treated lumber is a good bet for longevity and overall quality.
Composite Decking Materials
  • Low Maintenance Composite decking never rots, warps or splinters. It also doesn’t need painting, sanding and staining. Walking barefoot on composite decking is never a problem because it is very slip resistant and soft to the touch. No need to worry about rain or other water sources causing any safety concerns.
  • High Durability and Resistance It is able to bend to make patterns and curves that are not achievable with wood. You don’t have to worry about the integrity of it because composite decking is fade, stain and scratch resistant. It also withstands the elements very well.
  • Unique Composition Composite decking is made out of reclaimed wood and plastic, which both have their benefits. The wood acts as a protector from UV damage and the plastic defends against insect and moisture damage.
  • Stylish Out of all the decking options, composites offer the widest range of finishes and styles. Their textures look the most natural so the design possibilities are limitless.
Cellular PVC Decking
  • Maintenance Kept to a Minimum Cellular PVC preserves its beauty with a very low amount of effort, looks like new with a simple cleaning of soap and water, mildew and mold will be a thing of the past because there are no wood fibers in cellular PVC.
  • Stain Resistant It defends against stains, both man-made and natural. The elements have met their match because natural stains such as wet leaves do not pose a threat. As for those tough to get rid of man-made stains, substances like ketchup and fruit punch do not stand a chance.
  • Scratch Resistant Cellular PVC resists all types of scratches from installation including tools and screws. It also resists scratches that may occur from everyday wear. No need to worry about dog claws, lawn furniture and any other source that may scratch a deck.
  • Lasting Beauty One of the best features about cellular PVC is that its deck colors don’t fade. Combined with the fact that it not only looks like wood, but also feels and sounds like it as well, cellular PVC is a very popular choice.

This breakdown of the main types of decking materials should provide some helpful tips when choosing one to use for the construction of your deck in Tampa Bay. Consider all of the benefits and disadvantages each type of decking material has and your selection should be much easier.

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