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Boat House Construction
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At Priority Marine, we know how important boats are to the Florida way of life and believe that our boat house construction will keep you enjoying yours for a long time. We can help you combat the elements that attack and wear down marine vessels. The sun, weather, and seawater can quickly cause damage to them creating costly repairs and rob you of time that should be spent enjoying the recreation they offer. With our coverings and lifts, you will avoid this situation and get more time using your boat.

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Florida, being the sunshine state, receives a lot of sunlight throughout the year. This is of course one of the biggest attractions for the state. Many people come to have fun in the sun. The down side is that the sun’s UV rays are damaging to many types of materials. The fiberglass and gel coating of today’s watercraft are no exception. Oxidation brought on by the damaging rays produced a flat discoloration and even weakens the integrity of the material over time. We offer boat house construction that can slow down this effect and keep your watercraft looking good and performing well for years. With our quality enclosures, your boat is shielded from any damaging rays. Our quality, enclosed structures keep the damaging UV rays from slowly degrading the composites your boat is made from.

In the same manner that sunlight is shielded away from your vessels, new boat house construction can also keep away the damaging elements brought by the severe weather that Florida has. Every year, Florida gets a rainy season that has serious potential of bring in bad storms and even hurricanes. The winds and rain brought by these storms can wear down the beautiful interiors of your watercraft. Wind picks up debris and whips it at them. Even if it has a cover, this debris can easily tear most materials, leaving your boat exposed. A cover is also an inconvenience. It must be pulled off and put back on each time. With one of our quality buildings on your dock, you simply get in your boat and go. This allows instant enjoyment of the water that surrounds our beautiful state.

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Another, often overlooked, element that is attacking your watercraft is the very water it was designed for, especially in Florida. Sea water contains so many different elements and salts. These elements and salts speed up the corrosive properties of water. They attack materials and quickly cause oxidation which discolors and weakens the composite materials your boat is made of. Our boat house construction can include lifts that take your boat out of the water when you are not using them. Why let them sit in a corrosive damaging bath their whole life? We can extend the life of your watercraft with one of our enclosures.

In addition to the elements and salts lurking in water there is another natural enemy just waiting for you to leave your vessels parked in water. Sea creatures such as barnacles will cement themselves and live on anything that will sit still long enough. The natural cements these crustaceans create to hold on can take its toll on gel coating and cause damage. They also decrease the performance of your vessels by being attached to the hulls. Boat owners spend good money each year to have them removed from their hulls which can be a damaging process as well. Our boat house construction with a lift can keep your craft out of water and away from the expense of barnacle removal.

In addition to our boat house construction, Priority Marine offers a wide range of services for the avid boater in the Tampa Bay, St Petersburg, and Clearwater area. We can do dock construction and repair, decking, boat lifts, and seawalls. Call Priority Marine at (727) 447-1373 to find out how we can help you enjoy the waterways of Florida.

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