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Boat Docks and Decks Tampa Bay, Clearwater, St Pete, Ellenton – Whether you are seeking peace of mind or recreation, Priority Marine has the expertise to build you a custom boat dock that fits your lifestyle and budget. Having a boat dock allows you to spend time with your family, fish at your leisure and watch the sunset/sunrise like never before. Transform your backyard into the ideal waterfront environment where everyone wants to be.

Our knowledgeable team provides innovative solutions that meet your construction needs in the Tampa Bay area. We highly value your input which is why we work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to design and style. The traditional straight dock is the most common design though incorporating other designs is completely up to you. Typical configurations such as the fixed “T”, fisherman, harbor, port harbor, port patio and sun patio shapes for boat docks are also becoming increasingly more popular. If our thorough list of pre-designed boat docks does not fit your requirements then we will extensively work with you to find you the perfect custom dock design.

The installation of the pilings may be the most important part of building custom boat docks. While visiting the site, we determine the crucial factors that affect the installation of the pilings. The depth of the water and specific characteristics of the waterway bottom both play integral roles when determining the potential amount of piling penetration. To ensure maximum stability of your custom dock, we install the pilings correctly by using the proper equipment. This is why we excel at piling installation in the Tampa Bay area.

We use the strongest pressure treated lumber in the industry called Southern Pine Lumber. The types of lumber we use are slash, longleaf, shortleaf and loblolly. Construction and design professionals prefer to use Southern Pine Lumber because it has a low amount of knots, which further increases its strength. Every edge is eased because we pass each piece of lumber through a router. We then make sure that each piece of lumber has been sanded smooth.

If you would like a more tropical look then you can choose a Brazilian walnut hardwood called Ipe. It grows in South America’s tropical forests and is very dense. The greatest feature of Ipe is that it provides best durability and is rated at 25+ years by the U.S Forest Products Lab. Its unsurpassed durability doubles the strength of Oak, triples the strength of Cedar and Redwood and it ten times stronger than plastic. Ipe is extremely resistant to fungi, decay and termites.

Some of our construction features include the use of all stainless steel screws on all decking, 5/8″ hot-dipped galvanized bolts on all structural members, sills which are double bolted, 2×10′s and joists which are 2×8′s, 16″ on center and doubled on exterior bands. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials available. Our Tampa Bay custom boat docks have a beautiful appearance, high strength and minimal splintering.

We take many factors into consideration during the construction planning phase of the job. The most important factors are the length of your current or potential boat, subjectivity to current and tidal flows, wind and wave exposure, relative stability of the water level and the stability of the shoreline. We take every possibility of future upgrades into consideration when designing your custom boat dock. Some popular upgrades are boat cleats, bumpers and stripping for greater protection, ladders, lighting (both in and out of the water), gangways and slip covers and canopies. There are many more upgrades, aside from the previously listed ones, that can be accommodated to your dock.

Because your custom dock is outside, we make sure to take the necessary steps to assure that it will be long lasting. All of our boat docks are naturally weather resistant and designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions in Tampa Bay. This is especially important in the Tampa Bay area because of the hurricane season. This is often the reason that most boat docks do not last as long as ours.

Regardless of what your project involves we have the waterfront solution that you desire in Tampa Bay. Whether the work is residential or commercial, we have the expertise to build a single dock up to a variety of boat slips for a marina in the Tampa Bay area.

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